mτau launches

After years of working in the service provider industry, I am taking the advice of friends and colleagues in the business to launch my consulting practice.

I have always enjoyed server administration and architecture throughout my 20+ years working in the service provider industry and the time has come for a refocusing of my energies away from what many consider as ISP related services (co-location, web hosting, connectivity) to more direct managed services.

I created Redundant Networking Corporation in 1997 as a company which I would run one of my business endeavors through.

Over the years things went smoothly until I had to shutter that business.

Now I am launching a consulting business using the name mτau via the domain mtau.com.

Of course I still need to house some of these services in datacenters and I prefer to use local Twin Cities providers over national providers. We have a great ecosystem for these types of services, and our location in the upper midwest means we don’t have to deal with some of the coastal natural disasters that they must deal with.

I like the challenges that come from having to do design work within a limited budget constraint because of the creativity it forces in terms of the final outcome. Sure, we’d all like to have unlimited budgets but real-life shows us otherwise.

I am a fan of Juniper, Dell, Fortinet, VMware, Cisco, and NetApp as the platforms to build great services on. I have also had great luck with newcomers to the scenes like Tegile, Nexenta (in the early years, I need to revisit soon), Arista, and Veeam.