VMware Certified Professionals

Work with an experienced VCP architect to manage your systems, storage, and network.

VMware logoWe can help you analyze the benefits of VMware’s suite of products for your organization.

Comprehensive deployment process includes:

  • Pilot installations to verify operation with your workloads.
  • Optimization of your existing infrastructure.
  • Helping your company migrate from outdated virtual software.

VMware products have a strong track record and proven effectiveness for small business, Fortune 100 companies, and everyone in-between. mτau’s platform solutions improve the security, operation, uptime, performance, and management of your infrastructure.

Extensive experience with successful deployments of the full VMware stack including ESXivCentervCloud DirectorvShield Manager & vShield Edge.

VMware vSphere ESXi – the foundation for dynamic, self-optimized datacenters.

ESXi benefits:

  • Partition processor, memory, storage, and networking resources into multiple virtual machines.
  • Consolidate production servers.
  • Gives you greater hardware utilization and flexibility.
  • Improve your business continuity or disaster recovery plan.
  • Create better agile software development and testing systems.

VMware vCenter – achieves the highest levels of efficiency, automation, simplicity & security.

vCenter benefits:

  • Rapidly provision virtual machines and monitor performance of physical servers and virtual machines.
  • Intelligently optimize resources using VMware’s Distributed Resource Scheduling and VMware vMotion & Storage vMotion technologies.
  • Ensure high-availability to all applications in virtual machines.
  • View your infrastructure thru a single pane of glass for management of your virtual infrastructure helping reduce total cost of ownership.

VMware vCloud Director (vCD) – enables creation of secure private clouds (service providers only)

vCloud Director benefits:

  • Increase datacenter efficiency & business agility.
  • Part of VMware’s hybrid cloud deployment toolbox
  • Increase business agility by empowering users to deploy preconfigured or custom-built services with the click of a button.
  • Reduce costs by efficiently delivering resources to internal organizations as virtual datacenters to increase consolidation and simplify management.
  • Leverage existing investments and open standards to ensure interoperability and application portability between clouds.